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Online Therapy:

Warm, Engaging, and Highly Effective:

At Prachar Counseling, we have been using telehealth for therapy for 8 years.  We have developed tools and techniques that help our clients feel just as comfortable and connected as if we were in the same room.  Clients report they actually feel more comfortable sitting in their homes avoiding traffic, drinking a cup of tea and relaxing as they engage in their therapy session.

In Home Treatment Options:

 A number of our clients in the Austin area require maximum discretion to protect their personal privacy and prefer in home sessions.  These are 90 minutes and allow for more concentrated treatment sessions for modalities such as EMDR, walk and talk therapy and other creative approaches to a speedy recovery.  These are private pay packages only.  Please give us a call  or email us for more information.  

Luxury Villa

Many of us feel frightened and panicky when facing surgery.  It can be overwhelming going into the hospital and waiting for the anesthesiologist and surgeon to arrive and reassure us.  At Prachar Counseling and Life Coaching, we offer pre-operative anxiety treatment customized to your needs.  We meet with you prior to surgery to teach you strategies to address your specific fears and prepare for the day.  On the day of surgery, we will meet you at the surgery center/hospital to be support and guide you through the anxiety reduction techniques you learned.   Research shows a positive impact on pre-operative medications and post operative healing.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is an extremely popular and effective form of psychotherapy developed by Francine Shapiro.  It is used to relieve psychological stress caused by painful life events.  This technique involves bilateral stimulation such as eye movement or tapping and is highly effective in decreasing stress and anxiety.   Your clinician will gently lead you through the process step by step to a more peaceful mental state.


Often times animals can sense when we are worried or in need of comfort before other people can.  That is one reason here at Prachar Counseling, we are open to you bringing your emotional support animal into sessions with you.  We also have an office rabbit named Millie.  She is a Holland Lop who loves attention and  brings comfort to those who wish to pet her while processing through their thoughts and feelings.


 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you through your unique challenges, whatever they may be.  We emphasize the relationship between the client and counselor – one built upon authenticity, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard. The CBT framework helps us focus on the interaction and impact of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and changing negative/anxious self-talk to become more productive and self-supportive. Mindfulness is a newer CBT approach, one that develops a purposeful way of remaining present in the moment.

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Perhaps you've been hurt by well meaning Christians who gave harmful advice due to a lack of professional training, and now you question your faith.  Perhaps you've been told that your mental health symptoms would disappear, if you prayed more or trusted Christ more.  Perhaps you have been ridiculed by Christians because you had a trauma response and fell to the manipulative influences of another.  Or perhaps you simply want therapy that is rooted in Scripture.   We at Prachar Counseling want to come beside you and help you heal from past trauma that underlies behaviors you may not understand and help you to experience and the true and unconditional love of Christ.  Contact us, and request a Biblical therapist to get started right away.

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